Car Transportation Services

Transport Cars from Copart Auction, IAAI / Insurance Auto Auction, Manheim Auction, Adesa Auction

Are you buying a vehicle in a different state from an Copart Auto Auction, IAAI Auto Auction, Manheim Auction, Adesa Auction. It is very important to be aware of potential problems and financials risk when buying vehicles from Salvage Auctions. Some if not most Salvage Auto Auctions charge a storage fee, others have limited hours and strict policies on loading cars.

Auction Comparison
Features: Copart IAAI Manheim QCSA
Storage Fees YES
Days of Free Storage 5 4 Unlimited 10
Daily Charges $20 $25 Free $25
Forklift to Load Fee Applies
YES NO Varies
Loading Gate Fee $30 $35 N/A $0
Hours of Operation M-F: 8-4:30pm M-F: 8-5pm 24/7 M-S: 8-8pm

Copart Auction Is a salvage auction with 147 locations. Copart sells damaged vehicles for insurance companies. Fee Information

Insurance Auction Sells total-loss vehicles for insurance companies and dealers. Recently IAA acquired Adesa Auction to expand its remarketing services.

Manheim Auction Dealer’s auction for wholesale vehicles. Not open the general public, used by financing companies & car manufacturers for remarketing.

QCSA An umbrella of independent auction houses, Salvage Direct and Crashed Toys, specialize in the sale of cars and trucks, motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, boats, personal watercraft & other vehicles.

To transport a vehicle from salvage or Manheim Auto Auction you will need:

  • Gate Pass: Document required to pick up a car at Manheim after-hours from the guard shack
  • Buyer #: Required for both IAAI & Copart
  • Stock/Lot #: Inventory number for the vehicle being picked up
  • VIN #: The full 17 digits or at the last 6 is required for verification

Handling inspections and damages:

  • Prior to Pickup:Upon request the driver can perform a visual inspection for specific items.
  • During Transport:Damaged vehicles can be covered and loose parts tied.
  • On Delivery: To unload a non-running vehicle make arrangements for a fork lift or tow-truck.

Other Auctions:

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