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Dealer to Dealer Car Transport

Do you own a dealership and often have to transport vehicles from your dealership to another dealer? This is called dealer to dealer car shipping and it is very common in the auto shipping industry. Dealer to dealer transport can be completed on time and professionally by working with a car transportation shipping service that has been in the business for many years and provides reliable services to their customers.

Low Costs Car Transport Services
One of the benefits of dealer to dealer car shipping is that you can work out a discount with the auto transportation companies since you are working in such large volumes. For instance, if you have several vehicles that need to get transported from one car dealership to another on a monthly basis, the car shipping company will be able to bring down the cost per vehicle since you are a dealer that brings in regular business for them. This is sometimes referred to as a bulk discounts and it's similar to how retail stores buy their products at wholesale costs since they purchase in such large amounts.

Quality Car Shipping
As a dealer, you are undoubtedly going to be very concerned with the quality of car transportation. Dealer to dealer car shipping means that you are a dealership looking to transport your vehicles to another dealer. At this new location, these cars will probably be sold to customers. Because you are working with sales, it is extremely important that you use a high quality auto shipping company that understands the great care that needs to be taken with your vehicles. The last thing that a dealership needs is to be dealing with a problem where their vehicles have gotten scratched or damaged during the shipping process. Some things that you may want to take into consideration when looking for dealer to dealer automotive shipping is what types of protection options you have for your vehicles.

Auto Transport Insurance
As a dealer, you should definitely look into insurance during the shipping process. Because you are purchasing in bulk, you can probably work out a deal with the car shipping company to get cheap insurance on your purchases. This would allow you to be protected in case your vehicle was to get damaged during the car transportation process. Since you sell these vehicles to customers, this is extremely important because you would have a very difficult time trying to sell them if they were to get damaged. It is very unlikely that you have a high budget to fix vehicles since they could get damaged during shipping, so it's a better option for you to pay for insurance out-of-pocket in case something were to go wrong.

Enclosed Car Transport
Another thing that you may want to consider for protecting your vehicles during shipping is purchasing enclosed vehicle transport. Enclosed car shipping costs an additional fee but it is highly recommended for dealers that are shipping cars other dealers. Enclosed Vehicle Transport ensures that all of your vehicles are transported professionally and that they are highly protected during the shipping process.